The UK is getting closer..

Only one and a half week from now, I’ll be spending my night on a ferry to Harwich. Catching the waves of exitement as I will do some late minute guitar practicing in my cabin, for the following day I’ll play at the Anarcho Folk Fest Winter Warmer in London! And that will be just the start of ten days of music abroad.
It will be my second tour in the UK this year. Obviously the first one was good enough to make me want to return. But even more so, I have been invited to record a little EP on Different Circle Records . Because of this and the gig I’ll be attending in Glasgow, I have been interviewed for a lovely blog called ‘Last Years Girl’. Very honored and happy about all the attention, it has given me all the more reason to look forward to this trip and its inevetable adventures!

And when I return, I can add one more gig to my December scedule at Pieter Nieuwland in Amsterdam. On Christmas eve, there will be a dinner for people who don’t really have a home to return to. A nobel cause and very glad to be invited to help making it a memorable evening for all attending.

IMG_20150720_160142on a boat bitch

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