Future and Beyond

Whatever was lost in the way we see it coming
Whatever was seen in the way that we lose
The future comes nearer every time we look behind us
But we can’t travel back in time when we choose

Chorus 1:
Wooohooo we go
Wooohooo we stay

The stairs that we climb will get us each step closer
The walls that we hit tell us to turn around
Changing direction whenever we feel resistance
But resisting the path in which we get pushed

Chorus 1

I’m feeling the distance towards the day I’m diyng
I’m feeling my day of birth lays far behind
I feel like I mush be stuck somewhere between them
And the here and the now aren’t always kind

Chorus 2:
Wooohooo I will go
Wooohooo I will stay

So taking a turn, gambling, building, searching
I’m finding my path, my goal, my point, my way
Whatever I do my hope is always one thing
That I’ll never get stuck in any old cliché

Chorus 2
Chorus 1