This Side

Was trying to write a song about guilty pleasures
Or about a love that didn’t quite work out
A future dream of what the world would look like
And thinking of the next gig and it’s crowd
I often think about the sorrows of my existence
They may not be life threatening but I guess to me they’re real
And than the news shows me a flash of some resistance
And I do have to admit it trivialises how I feel

’cause on the other side there are people suffering
And on the other side there’s yet another war
On the other side well I have never been there
Grew up on this side, that’s what I’m grateful for

So here we go again, collecting clothes and blankets
And arguing about the refugees that land
whether they are welcome and have the same rights we do
Understanding why they shouldn’t is something that I can’t
’cause if I was on that side, the side of no return
The side that makes you leave home, the side that seems to burn
I too would long for better or a little more secure
A place where you don’t have to hide, a little less unsure


So I imagine myself standing in some foreign land
On a beach I didn’t know, an unlikely place to strand
With people shouting at me in a language I don’t know
With nothing left to hope for and nothing left to show
It would be weir to see them scared, to think that I’m a threat
To think that I would steal their job, their family or their bed
But that they have no place to go it isn’t what they choose
And if we don’t show mercy, it’s humanity we loose


But this may just as well become the other side
And hate and fear could turn into a war
So let’s welcome in all those tired of running
It’s all our freedom we should be fighting for (4x)