Please let me feel like Shit

My cup is half empty today
I think I drank it all yesterday
And nothing will fill it up
Not even if you give me a smaller cup

I heard what you said and I guess you meant well
But all your good advice today can burn in my hell
Today I feel like shit and there’s no changing it

I know where your advice will lead
To a solution that sounds rather neat
But everything that comes out your mouth
Will go in one ear and through the other straight out


The pink glasses once belonged to my face
But I think they got lost somewhere in space
Today I just want to wear the ones so black
That I won’t be able to find those pink ones back


After the rain the sun will shine but that will take some time
And the neighbours grass is greener than that yellow stuff of mine
And things could always be much worse
But even though it’s just today that I curse


Please don’t take it the wrong way
tomorrow will be another day
But not right now