I Mean It!

Well excuse me if I said something I meant
I’m so sorry if it made some kind of sence
Does it bother you that by my opinion I stand
Well go fuck yourself I’ll say it anyway

You’re questioning my reasoning
Feel a vain in my head go pop
You might not think much of me
But that’s because you never let me talk

The silence cuts right through my iris
When you stare try penetrate
My skull I’ll just put up a wall
And let the emptyness bounce back at you


I’ll stuff my ears but not with yours
Cause that’s what made them hurt
I’ll slam my doors lock em for good
Think yours were never open in the first place

Any sound from out my mouth
You’re reluctant to obserbe
I’m dpne wasting my breath on you
Just fill my lungs to live and burst it out

Chorus (2x)