Some Empathy

Kids in the schoolyard majorities rule
The bigmouthed always decided what’s cool
And the left outs the weird kids the far too unique
They were left in the corner they had been made meak
Yeah the big groups the tough crouwds they took all the toys
The prettiest girls oh they took all the boys
And you stand there and watch them and don’t comprehend
But soon you will find out that you have taken a stand

It might be so easy to fake all the blame
But accusing another instead of taking the shame
It only makes you the lesser one than me
At least I have empathy

And when you grow older it seems all the same
The bullies they might have got another name
But they’re still here all shouting what’s right and what not
And they sure seem to be with a heck of a lot
But you stick by what you think is best for you now
This promise of wealth it can’t sway you somehow
To step on the weaker for personal gain
They might say it’s me but I’m sure it’s them that’s insane


So to all you fuck ups and outcasts alike
Don’t be afraid to take over the mic
You can help me with your voice we can make it loud
And maybe in some time some more start to shout
So we’re not rich or famous just out of controle
Our lives embrace more than just power as main goal
Well we might be minorities at least we stand strong
And this isn’t by far the last of this kind of song

At least we have empathy