Skip Chop

Love it jumps and it sneaks and it bites you in the neck
It comes right after dark so you’d better watch your back
Oh it roars and it grunts and it makes your stomach flip
Will swallow you whole, it can’t just take a sip

Nip tuck, snip snap, it just jumped in my lap
Flip flop, kick hop, nobody can make it stop
Whack bam, smack slam, it will surely break the dam

Love jumps up and down your bed and keeps you from your sleep
Invades your dreams and eats all the counted sheep
Oh it leaves your body broken but your soul seems kind of whole
May fuel your fire but it can use up all the cole

Whack boom, smack vroom, it is there when you asume
Quick hop, skip chop, catterpillars start to pop
Boom bang, kling klang, you’ll start babbling cheesy slang

Yes it nibbles and it claws and slaps you on the thy
says inappropriate things but you can’t bother to ask why
Oh it intrudes in your life and takes up all the space
And worst of all, this puts a smile on your face…