The Receiving End

There he goes with a broken smile
The news has not been good for quite a while
He knows his place or at least where he’s put
But he wishes he could change out of this unfitting suit

Off to the pub, find some comfort there
Maybe someone at the bar will kindly treat him fair
Tired of giving all he can to the world
Fists clenched, knuckles white and his toes up curled


Why can’t he for once be the one to receive
All those who claim to keep their word just turn out to be thieves
Time seems such a waste, and all that he invests
Comes back, but in minus, and without interest

There he goes off into another day
Maybe this one takes some negativity away
He stares at his hands, wishing them to play
But sees them holding teeth instead and knows it’s the price he must pay

The doors all shut, the streets all empty
Where’s that window to the place of plenty
He never lost his hope and he still has all his dreams
But believing they will come true is just fairytales it seems


One day he’ll look up and I hope he’ll see
Something quite as beautiful as he can be
Ignite all hope once lost, make the events bend
And finally he will be the one at the receiving end