On the road again..

At the end of last month, I played at the Bajesdorp Festival in Amsterdam and it was more than awesome! The people were friendly, the food delicious, the place is amazing, the other artists made me smile and move and the audience I had was great! I really hope this place will maintain their stand and won’t have to subdue to the gentrification process of that area. I would very much like to play there again and introduce fellow musicians to it.

In other news, I just bought a hard case for my pretty new guitar that will hopefully keep it safe in trains, busses, boats and planes for the coming 3 weeks.. Because yes, I’ll be off again!!
The journey will this time take me to (in order of appearance:) Hamburg, Aalborg, Göteborg, Råbäck, Sundsvall, Inverness, Nairn, Dundee, Elgin and Glasgow. I will have gigs in most of the places, but some are just recreational stays or to visit (old) friends. And the day after I get back, I will be playing in Nijmegen again, just because I can!So if you are around in one of the places, do come by and say hello, sing along or have a drink.

Summers are fun, can’t wait to get out there, conquer the stages and tiny venues or homes with some tunes.. I will probably be inspired to some new ones as well and write all about that and my adventures as soon as I get back! Bye for now…

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