And out come the Tunes!


It is alive and awoken from its wintersleep. And it still bites!

A lot of changes have been going on in my non-music life. I changed residence from Den Bosch to Rotterdam and changed jobs (yes, I have one, I’m not filthy rich yet from all the albums sold.. :-p).
To get all this changing over and done with smoothly, I had to abandon my precious guitar a bit and leave it in a corner. But somewhere around March, she started complaining and Mr. Moose too, about not being on the road, in front of an audience. I had to admit to miss it too. So good thing that the 11th of March I had a lovely gig lined up in a town called Deurne. In OJC De Roos, I was the starter of a great evening with two other bands from the Brabant region: The DIesel Ducks and Op Zoek Naar Johan. Even though it had been a while, It felt like my voice was trying to make up for months of not performing. It felt great to belt out my songs again..

Something that luckily didn’t change is the urge to get back on the road again. Fortunately I got asked by both the Yalla Yalla’s (UK) and Lifelong Hangover (Finland) to join them on their conquests of Dutch and Belgian soil. In the upcoming link you can see where this will lead us and where you might be able to catch a gig or two when in the neighbourhood.

Oh and if you might wonder why you should come? Well, I might have some new songs in store…
So, see ya around!

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