After the hibernation.

Winter is usually a slow time for me. As this time too. But since nature isn’t really sure on what a real winter is supposed to look like anymore, I guess I was done hibernating. New things are coming up this Spring, starting with my EP, which will be called ‘This Side’. Exiting stuff! I cannot wait to hold the first copy in my own two hands.
There will be 4 songs on it, two of which have already been uploaded to my SoundCloud, namely ‘Loud Femininity’ and ‘Digital Restraining Order’. But of course now recorded with better equipment and mixed by professionals, so sounding a whole lot better. Two completely new songs on it are called ‘The Receiving End’ and ‘This Side’ which, as you might have guessed, is the title track.

With this new CD comes a release party and a promotion tour! I will be showing off my newest asset first in Glasgow where it was also created, before bringing it home to a big release party in the place that raised and supported me: Knoflook in Den Bosch, held on Aprils fools day. But don’t be fooled, it will be a serious party! Around April first there will be some other gigs yet to be planned probably all in the Netherlands. To close it up, I will try to arrange a gig in Berlin the week after.

As spring is filling up nicely with this plan, summer is beginning to take form too. Scandinavia in the beginning of june is still a bit unsure how it will take form, but at least some gigs at friends places will happen. (Always a good excuse to go visit them..) The Scotland tour together with Dave Hughes and Tim Holehouse is rapidly going from idea to concrete, with the exiting highlight of the Anarcho Folk Fest! July will be kicked off with a tour in the Netherlands, together with New Zealand musician Will Wood. It will be awesome touring together with other great musicians, exchanging music, experiences, tricks of the trade and mostly a lot of fun! I say: Bring it On!!

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